Version 4.33 (December 1, 2017)
  1. Fixed: Disabled sorting while processing (it would make a mess).
Version 4.32 (November 30, 2017)
  1. Changed: Made it possible to sort by the processing time of files.
  2. Changed: Increased the maximum number of simultaneous processes.
Version 4.31 (November 29, 2017)
  1. Fixed: Adding more than five folders would make it stop working.
  2. Changed: Adding a folder no longer removes the existing files.
Version 4.30 (November 20, 2017)
  1. NEW: Added Ctrl+A to the program to select all the entries.
  2. Fixed: The x64 compile wasn't decoding old APE files properly.
Version 4.29 (November 18, 2017)
  1. Changed: Lots of improvements to the SDK for Linux and Mac (big thanks to Robert Kausch).
  2. Changed: Made the detection for URLs in the APE tag code check for https:// and m01ps://.
Version 4.28 (November 10, 2017)
  1. Fixed: Fixed compilation on Linux and Mac and also added a few SDK code changes recommended by a nice user.
Version 4.27 (November 8, 2017)
  1. NEW: Added sorting the list of the main program.
Version 4.26 (September 19, 2017)
  1. NEW: Added a 64-bit version.
  2. Fixed: Corrupt APE files could stall instead of bail out.
  3. Fixed: Corrected the slash direction in filenames on platforms other than Windows.
Version 4.25 (March 12, 2017)
  1. Changed: Corrected the spelling of 'Psychedelic' in the ID3v1 code.
Version 4.24 (March 9, 2017)
  1. Fixed: The top text on the options dialog would get cut off on high DPI.
  2. Fixed: Improved the toolbar height on high DPI monitors.
Version 4.23 (March 8, 2017)
  1. Changed: Switched to VS 2017 for hopefully faster builds.
Version 4.22 (February 3, 2017)
  1. Fixed: A Winamp plugin issue.
Version 4.21 (February 2, 2017)
  1. Changed: Switches to the latest Visual Studio for hopefully faster builds.
Version 4.20 (February 1, 2017)
  1. Changed: Switched to compiling on my laptop because it's lots smaller. Not sure why!
Version 4.19 (January 27, 2017)
  1. Changed: Switched to Visual Studio 2015 -- hopefully faster builds.
  2. Fixed: Columns could get saved with no width and then they'd load with no width which was confusing.
  3. Changed: Changed a silly type used to uint32 from unsigned int because I guess it wasn't building on Linux and Mac.
  4. Changed: Made the copyrights say 2017.
Version 4.18 (August 6, 2016)
  1. Fixed: WAV files that reported a longer length in the header than they actually were would fail with an I/O error (now they encode).
Version 4.17 (June 8, 2016)
  1. Fixed: Much better high DPI support.
  2. Fixed: Some rare WAV files would fail to finish.
Version 4.16 (March 24, 2015)
  1. Fixed: A file progress issue in build 4.15.
Version 4.15 (March 23, 2015)
  1. Fixed: Build issues on Linux and Mac.
Version 4.14 (February 18, 2015)
  1. Fixed: File progress wasn't working in 4.13.
Version 4.13 (February 3, 2015)
  1. Fixed: Improved support for files greater than 2GB.
Version 4.12 (June 26, 2013)
  1. Changed: Numerous fixes for OSX and 64-bit compatibility.
Version 4.11 (January 20, 2013)
  1. NEW: Switched from MMX to SSE assembly, making compression and decompression faster.
  2. NEW: Switched to latest Microsoft compiler, making everything around 5% faster.
  3. Changed: Removed support for old Monkey's Audio 3.92 and earlier files (it hasn't been possible to make these files for over ten years -- use an old copy of Monkey's Audio to convert these files to the latest format if you have any).
  4. Changed: Fixed a few compiler warnings.
  5. Changed: Removed dependence on third-party NASM assembly compiler in favor of intrinsics (which compile nicely with all major compilers).
  6. Changed: Put all Monkey's Audio source code into a namespace APE so that linking into third-party projects should never have name collisions.
  7. Changed: Switched from #ifndef/endif to #pragma once (now supported by any reasonable compiler).
Version 4.10 (April 16, 2011)
  1. Changed: When compressing a file, the input WAV file is always opened in read-only mode (writes were never done, but previously the input WAV would only be opened in read-only mode if write permissions were not available).
  2. Changed: Updated to newer nasm compiler for MMX assembly.
  3. Changed: Updated the console application (MAC.exe) to support Unicode filenames (GUI has always had Unicode support).
  4. Changed: Removed obsolete Unicode compatibility DLL (unicows.dll) from the installer (only used by Win 9x).
Version 4.09 (March 28, 2011)
  1. Changed: Updated to an icon that looks nicer on Windows 7 (sorry, still a monkey).
  2. Changed: Updated copyright dates.
Version 4.07 / 4.08
  1. Internal testing builds not released to the public.
Version 4.06 (March 17, 2009)
  1. Fixed: In rare cases, a corrupt frame could output as noise instead of silence when the decoder was ignoring errors.
Version 4.05 (February 3, 2009)
  1. Fixed: Directshow filter would fail to register on some systems.
  2. Changed: Added CompressFileW2, DecompressFileW2, etc. functions that take a C++ interface as a callback for easier usage in multi-threaded environments. (as opposed to the old static function callback)
Version 4.04 (February 2, 2009)
  1. Fixed: Directshow filter had an unnecessary dependence on a MSVC system dll.
Version 4.03 (January 21, 2009)
  1. Changed: Added a help link to the help menu to show the included help file.
Version 4.02 (January 19, 2009)
  1. New: Includes Directshow filter for decoding APE files in any DirectShow compatible player like Windows Media Player, Zoom, etc.
  2. Fixed: Corrupt APE files could cause decoder crashes in rare cases.
  3. Changed: Updated builder that gets better compression, making for a smaller download.
Version 4.01b2 (February 17, 2006)
  1. Fixed: File > Exit would not close the program.
  2. Fixed: Typo on the options dialog "Leave source file intact" option.
  3. Fixed: APX files that weren't NULL terminated could cause a crash.
  4. Fixed: Files that were skipped would show "Error" instead of "Skipped" in the status column.
  5. Changed: Improved the error reporting in the status column after a failure.
  6. Fixed: Possible small memory leak (100 bytes) on missing file decompression / conversion errors.
  7. Changed: Increased the statusbar size to better hold batches of 100+ GBs of files.
  8. Changed: The file list will scroll to show newly started files during processing.
  9. Fixed: Adding or removing files from the file list is no longer allowed during processing.
  10. Changed: Pausing processing no longer distorts the time estimation.
  11. Fixed: Some operations would not pause properly. (external encoders, etc.)
  12. Fixed: The list control would flicker more than necessary when working with long lists of files.
Version 4.01b1 (January 8, 2006)
  1. New: Features new user interface. (written in C++ and threaded for dual-core computers -- making it nearly twice as fast to compress, decompress, and convert with a dual-core setup)
  2. New: New interface supports external codecs using simple XML configuration scripts.
  3. Changed: MACDll.dll is unified to include SDK, Winamp, and CoolEdit support in one component.
  4. Fixed: Corrupt / invalid APEv2 tags could cause problems in some cases.
  5. Fixed: APL creation could use track boundaries that were off by 1/44100th of a second in some cases.
  6. Fixed: APL creation would not properly report errors when the CUE file didn't point to an existing APE file.
  7. Fixed: In very rare cases, decoding an old APE file could cause an invalid decompression error.
  8. Fixed: When converting from APE -> APE, the APEv2 tag could get appended as WAV data to the new file. (instead of as a file tag)
Version 3.99 (April 29, 2004)
  1. Changed: Decoding engine better at handling corrupt streams / loss of internet connection while playing.
  2. Changed: Simplified assembly code building for 3rd party developers.
  3. New: Improved entropy coder for increased compression.
  4. Changed: Removed RKAU support. (since it is no longer commonly used)
Version 3.97 (August 2, 2002)
  1. Changed: "Save File List Between Sessions" now on by default in front end.
  2. Changed: Replaced usage of "#pragma once" with more non-MS compiler friendly alterternative.
  3. New: MakeAPL now supports command line APL generation. (pass a .CUE file (no wildcards yet) -- operates in silent mode using existing settings)
  4. Changed: Assembly support no longer required for backwards compatibility. (thanks Torgeir Strand Henriksen)
  5. Changed: Several non-Windows buildability issues.
  6. Changed: Using NASM to compile all assembly code. (aids cross-platform buildability)
  7. Changed: Encapsulated the APELink code.
  8. Changed: Tags aren't analyzed immediately when opening an http:// or m01p:// stream.
  9. Changed: Added more functionality to the APL parser.
  10. Changed: Added CreateIAPEDecompressEx2(...) to allow the creation of a ranged decoder.
Version 3.96 (April 7, 2002)
  1. Fixed: WAV analysis could hang on invalid wav files.
  2. Changed: Monkey's Audio would try to analyze files with file extensions not related to Monkey's Audio.
  3. New: Added APE_DECOMPRESS_AVERAGE_BITRATE field so APL's can report the bitrate for the region they represent.
  4. Changed: Improved overall non-Windows build-ability. (MACLib.lib doesn't require <windows.h> to build)
  5. Changed: APL parser no longer requires Windows.
  6. Fixed: APE tagging code would fail to save tags for files with existing ID3v1 tags.
  7. Fixed: MakeAPL would not run on Win95 / 98.
  8. Changed: More non-Windows build-ability issues.
  9. Changed: Minor assembly optimizations. (like a 2% performance improvement)
  10. Changed: MACLib now builds with gcc under Linux. (no backwards compatibility or assembly support yet)
  11. Fixed: Bitstream fix / change that may have accounted for decompression failures in extremely rare cases.
  12. Changed: Slight NNFilter optimization. (thanks to Chun-Yu Shei)
  13. Changed: Turned off "Explorer" by default for the Monkey's Audio GUI. (doesn't work well under XP... will still leave it in for a while)
  14. Changed: Included the WavPack 3.93.
  15. Changed: Changed the history reporting method.
Version 3.95 beta
  1. New: Improved compression engine for better overall compression
  2. Changed: Modularized compression input logic, so MAC could easily support formats other than WAV
  3. Changed: Some SDK tweaks and optimizations
  4. Fixed: Fixed a crashy bug introduced in 3.94 (caused when using MACDll.dll from VB)
Version 3.94 beta
  1. New: Rewritten compression engine for increased efficiencies and cleaner, more consistent code base
  2. New: Decompression (of new files) is done natively block-by-block so there won't be uneven CPU usage anymore during playback
  3. New: Significantly improved SDK
  4. Changed: Bit stream optimizations that help compression speed (at least on Win2K and WinXP)
  5. Changed: APL system now natively supported by MAC (GUI and everywhere else)... no longer a hack
  6. Fixed: Fixed an auto-renaming bug where ape files got the .wav extension
  7. Fixed: Several other little things
Version 3.92 beta
  1. New: Monkey's Audio now comes with the latest APE Cool Edit filter (in the tools directory)
  2. Changed: Added .mpc support to the Monkey's Audio front-end and changed the default mp+ extension to mpc
  3. Changed: Made a bunch of fixes and improvements to the APL creation tool included with MAC
  4. Fixed: Playback plugin now version checks the file format against the plugin format for Media Jukebox playback
  5. Fixed: Fast forwarding "past" the end of songs could crash Winamp
  6. Fixed: Removing / saving a tag of a read-only file could hang the APE file info dialog.
  7. Fixed: Tag + Rename in Monkey's Audio always renamed files to .ape regardless of their type.
Version 3.91 beta
  1. Fixed: Fixed a bug where the file properties couldn't be viewed when a file was playing
  2. Fixed: Fixed a bitstream bug (from the new 3.90 bitstream) where 24-bit files could fail to compress
Version 3.90 beta
  1. New: New advanced bitstream format that gets better compression with very little speed difference
  2. New: New compression interface available via the SDK that's nice, clean, and fully supports on-the-fly encoding
  3. Changed: Other compression improvements to fast, normal, and high modes
  4. New: The overall progress now displays in the window caption and task-bar during processing.
  5. Changed: Improved progress updating for external encoders.
  6. Fixed: Peak level analysis works again... may need to convert files to the new version to fix them. (only affects 3.89 and 3.90 files)
  7. Fixed: Other speed and stability fixes.
  8. Fixed: Fixed a bug causing compression to fail if the WAV file had certain format fields wrong in its header (block align, bytes/sec)
Version 3.89 beta
  1. New: Added preliminary playback support for APL files (APE link files, for playback from Image & CUE Sheet combos)
  2. New: Added 24-bit playback support for Media Jukebox and Winamp
  3. Changed: Bitstream is now a lot more robust and unbreakable (and faster :)
  4. New: Added sample-perfect seeking (can seek precisely to any sample)
  5. New: Created a buffering system for both playback and encoding, which should be super handy for anyone using the SDK (to be documented later)
  6. Fixed: Fixed a problem where tracks with tons of pure silence or with a frame that took an amazing number of bits could fail to be decoded (or possibly encoded)
  7. Fixed: Fixed a tagging bug related to the new tagging system where the genre could show up as a number
  8. Changed: Made the output location selection in Monkey's Audio a little clearer
  9. Fixed: Changed what dll's get installed for VB/NT compatibility... hopefully everything keeps working for everyone
Version 3.88 beta
  1. New: New tagging format... flexible and unlimited... all saving of new tags is done in this format
  2. New: MAC will now create the output directory if you specify a directory that doesn't exist (supports multiple levels)
  3. New: APE Info dialog now displays compressed and uncompressed file sizes
  4. New: Added an option to automatically verify the creation of all APE files to Monkey's Audio
  5. New: Added the option to stop processing after an error was encountered in Monkey's Audio
  6. Changed: All I/O is now encapsulated, which should make porting much easier
  7. Changed: Removed native http:// support from the MAC library. Now supported only through Media Jukebox or Winamp 3 readers. (sorry, may break Media Jukebox 6 Server streaming, but it will work with Media Jukebox 7)
  8. Changed: Optimized the bit stream decoder
  9. Fixed: Monkey's Audio would crash if you named a crazy file .ape and tried to use it.
  10. Changed: The decoder now reads data in much smaller blocks... will hopefully help people with slow hard drives
  11. Fixed: Fixed several internal library bugs... too lazy to explain them all.
Version 3.87 beta 2
  1. Fixed: Fixed the erroneous warning message about MACDll.dll not being found when starting MAC
  2. Fixed: Fixed a possible version conflict with "Explorer Control.ocx"
Version 3.87 beta
  1. New: Great new help file. (thanks a million Anthony Oetzmann)
  2. Changed: The Winamp plugin and console front-end (MAC.exe) now have no external dependencies.
  3. Changed: Monkey's Audio now only uses one non-system dll: MACDll.dll.
  4. Changed: Changed to the 'standard' genre list of 148 genres everywhere.
  5. Changed: MAC will now ask you if you're sure when you attempt to erase the tag from an APE file.
  6. Changed: MAC.exe now displays what compression mode it is compressing with
  7. Changed: Updates the Media Jukebox 7 / Monkey's Audio integration functions.
  8. Fixed: Fixed the tab order in the options dialog
  9. Changed: The 'Remove Tag' button in the file info dialog is disabled for untagged files.
  10. Fixed: Fixed a few possible file locking and/or memory leaking bugs
  11. Changed: Monkey's Audio will now be much more "low resolution" friendly by default
Version 3.86 beta 2
  1. New: Added a handy MRU list to the "Add File" button.
  2. New: MAC now dynamically loads the built-in explorer, and automatically steps in and disables it if it causes any problems.
  3. New: Added .mp2 support.
  4. Changed: MAC now remembers its last window position instead of just starting in the middle of the screen.
  5. Fixed: Stopped the built-in explorer from grabbing the 'Enter' key and firing up your player.
  6. Fixed: Fixed the spelling of 'Bottom' in the options dialog. (doh)
  7. Fixed: Fixed a problem with adding files where the extension was in all caps.
Version 3.86 beta 1
  1. Changed: Rewrote the bitstream functions. It's the first time the bitstream has changed formats since the 1.xx's. Bitstream encoding is now quite a bit faster, and it achieves slightly better compression.
  2. Changed: Added file-type masking to the drag-n-drop, add files, add folder, context menus, and mode switching. Very convenient, but my head hurts.
  3. Changed: MAC will now give an error if you attempt to do something with an external encoder that you don't have. (instead of piecing out)
  4. New: Added a tooltip to show the status of a file in the file list. Handy for errors that get truncated.
  5. Fixed: Fixed a bug where MAC.dll wouldn't always 'gracefully' deal with encoding errors.
  6. Fixed: Fixed a bug with the explorer context-menu's
  7. Changed: Updated the compression menu LAME link to the new site
Version 3.85 beta
  1. Changed: Added double-buffering in a separate thread while playing remote files (MJ server, http:// stream, etc.)
  2. New: Added an optional file explorer to the Monkey's Audio program
  3. New: Created a 'lite' version of the toolbar
  4. Fixed: Improved ID3v2 tag handling
  5. Fixed: Fixed a bug that caused playback time to get off by a few seconds on super long songs
  6. New: Added Media Jukebox 7 information functions to the playback plugin (seamless integration with MJ)
Version 3.84 beta
  1. Fixed: Fixed a decompression bug that would cause a false "invalid checksum" if the WAV header size wasn't a multiple of 4
  2. Changed: 8-bit files should now compress about 1% or so better
Version 3.83 beta
  1. New: New 'extra high' mode... beefed up from the previous version... even better compression, but a bit slower
  2. New: Added detection of 'pure' silence, so now pure silence takes basically no space.
  3. New: Added fake-stereo detection (mono split to stereo) for improved compression on these tracks (common on CD's made from old mono recordings)
  4. New: Added CPU load-balancing mechanism for the playback of 'extra high' files to keep CPU usage more even.
  5. Changed: Removed "Bit Array Size" setting from the Winamp plugin... even I didn't know what changing the setting really did.
  6. Changed: Added "CPU Load Balancing" settting to the Winamp plugin.
  7. Fixed: Fixed a bug in the non-MMX 'extra high' decoding routine.
  8. Fixed: Fixed a bug with 24-bit encoding introduced with the last beta.
  9. Fixed: Fixed the alignment of the "time" column inside of the interface.
  10. Fixed: Hopefully fixed a bug causing the MAC to crash when it was switched to "minimize to tray"
Version 3.82 beta
  1. Fixed: Fixed a bug in the new assembly decoding routine that could cause a false "invalid checksum" error
  2. Fixed: Fixed a bug with the Winamp plugin installation from within Monkey's Audio... now MAC will close so the system files won't be locked
  3. Changed: Added some version checking to the Winamp plugin
Version 3.81 beta
  1. Fixed: Fixed a memory leak in MAC.dll
  2. Fixed: Fixed a bug causing temporary files to not get properly deleted after compression
  3. New: Support for on-the-fly encoding... will make ripping much nicer once rippers add support for APE
  4. New: On-the-fly conversion of your APE files... now it's a lot faster to upgrade your collection to the newest version
  5. New: Convert now skips the file if you're going from APE->APE and the version and compression levels match (add your whole music folder, do a 'Convert', and it'll only convert the stuff it has to)
  6. New: Added several keyboard shortcuts to make using Monkey's Audio a little easier
  7. New: Improved error reporting (no more numbers :)
  8. New: Can now order the file list by dragging items around
  9. New: Can now display the free space for any drive in the status bar (click to pick which drive)
  10. New: "Output to Specified Directory" now has an MRU list...
  11. Changed: Added mp+ ID3v1.1 tag support
  12. New: Can now copy the file list to the clipboard (useful for saving reports, etc.) (File menu or Ctrl+C)
  13. Changed: Toolbar buttons with no current function are now disabled (i.e. "Clear Files" when the list is empty)
  14. Changed: Bitstream decoder completely re-written in assembly... now quite a bit snappier :)
  15. Fixed: Fixed a bug causing the console front end to crash if you gave it bad parameters
  16. Fixed: Fixed a bug where tags were created with trailing spaces instead of trailing nulls
  17. Fixed: Tag and rename now does just that: tag, then rename (was renaming then tagging...)
  18. Fixed: Fixed a bug with the "Suppress Silence" feature causing divide by zero errors at the end of some songs
  19. Changed: Almost a complete re-write of UnMAC.dll... it's finally class-based, thread safe, and all that good stuff... look for the new SDK to follow fairly soon
  20. New: APE files now work fine when tagged with ID3v2 tags
  21. Fixed: Fixed a bug causing 24-bit files to not play properly from Winamp when "Scaling" was turned on
  22. New: Added Media Jukebox information loading/saving functions to the Winamp plugin... makes Media Jukebox work with APE files quite a bit nicer
  23. Changed: A few little speed tweaks... (it's getting harder and harder to find places that I can speed up...)
  24. Changed: Seek information stored more efficiently now... files will be a few kb smaller, and error recovery/patching will be much easier
  25. Fixed: Learned how to spell "success" :)
Version 3.80
  1. Changed: Complete remake of the 'extra high' mode... tons better compression and a lot of MMX assembly for speed :)
  2. Changed: Some fairly substantial speed/compression improvements to 'normal' and 'high' as well
  3. New: Winamp plugin can now optionally suppress long passages of silence
  4. Fixed: Fixed a file sharing bug that could cause sporadic "error decompressing frame" messages while playing
  5. Fixed: Reworked the compress/decompress/convert/etc... logic (and fixed the bug causing APE to mp+ conversion to fail)
  6. Fixed: Monkey's Audio now works fine with wav's that have extra chunks before the 'fmt ' chunk
  7. Changed: A lot of internal changes that don't make that much difference on the outside, but they're good none the less...
  8. Changed: No more local copies of documentation... now Monkey's Audio just links to this site
Version 3.71
  1. Fixed: Fixed a bug with decompressing 'extra high' files from 3.70
  2. Fixed: Fixed a bug causing the file version to be displayed goofy in the file info dialog
Version 3.70
  1. New: Can now "ignore" bitstream errors during playback... you'll just get a little silence
  2. New: http:// streaming support... would be better, but it's hard to tune with a 56k modem ;)
  3. New: support for Media Jukebox server format... (I would say more, but it's still top secret...just trust me, it's pretty cool)
  4. Changed: Monkey's Audio now remains totally responsive while acting as a front-end for other coders; also, new pop-up windows will be minimized if Monkey's Audio is minimized
  5. Changed: The beginning of some architecture changes that you'll hopefully never notice (but they make programming Monkey's Audio much nicer)
  6. Changed: An even better 'High' mode
  7. Changed: Shell extensions should now work with basically any program (Winamp, Media Jukebox, etc.)
  8. Fixed: No longer prompts to install Winamp plugin on first run (since setup should take care of this)
  9. Fixed: VBR display is no longer crazy for last one or two frames
  10. New: Now supports Ogg Vorbis as an external coder (oggenc.exe)
  11. Changed: No more ERROR 1002's for a lot of people....I just removed a bunch of security checking, because there are a lot of popular programs that don't make fully valid WAV files
Version 3.60
  1. Changed: New and greatly improved "high" mode
  2. Changed: Improved "extra high" mode
  3. Changed: Added support for RKAU 1.05 (with multiple modes)
  4. Changed: Added support for MP+ compression
  5. New: Can now preserve the time stamp of the source file(s) on any new files created
  6. New: Can now play an annoying sound when processing finishes (or you can replace the annoying sound with your own)
  7. New: Updated the included VB run-times to the newest available (Visual Studio 6 - SP4)
  8. Fixed: Monkey's Audio should now fail if it runs out of disk space (instead of creating garbage files and saying that it was successful)
  9. Fixed: Should do a better job of cleaning up after errors (freeing memory, removing files, etc...)
  10. Fixed: A few other little fixes that I can't remember now...
Version 3.51
  1. Changed: Loading file lists on startup and adding folders is now around 20x faster
  2. Fixed: Fixed a bug where external coder's configurations were being cleared when "Cancel" was pressed when configuring
  3. Changed: Fixed a bug that caused problems when Monkey's Audio was minimized during closing
  4. New: Fixed a bug causing files to be added more than once when adding a folder with "Add All Supported Types" selected
Version 3.50 beta
  1. New: Full support for external coders (LAME, MP3Enc, WavPack, RKAU, and Shorten)
  2. Changed: Completely new install / uninstall method (tons better)
  3. Changed: "Anti-prediction" code for 'Fast' mode is around 35% faster
  4. New: Can now optionally "scale" all output to 16-bit in Winamp....allows 24-bit playback and equalization and dsp for 8-bit and 24-bit files.
  5. Changed: "Recompress" has been changed to "Convert", and the output logic is now more consistent with all of the other modes
  6. Changed: Can now set the peak level at which to begin using on-the-fly normalization. (no point in normalizing a file that's already at 96%)
  7. New: Added an MRU list to the "Add Folder" menu
  8. New: Can now display an "expanded" toolbar with a button for each page of the options...nice if you run 1024x768 or above
  9. Changed: Clicking anywhere on the "Process" button when the file list is empty will show the mode selection menu
  10. Changed: Removed the separate tagging button and menu item
Version 3.41
  1. Changed: Some pretty big speed-ups of decompress and verify resulting in performance that's up to 20% better overall
  2. New: Added the ability to pause during processing
  3. Changed: Added an "Apply" button to the options window
  4. Fixed: Fixed a bug that caused the "Output to Specified Directory" not to work
  5. Fixed: Fixed a bug that could cause part of the toolbar to disappear when changing modes
Version 3.40 beta
  1. Changed: Some pretty substantial improvements to the core compression algorithms...quite a bit more bang per CPU dollar (or cycle if you prefer) in every mode
  2. Changed: Reworked the front-end a bit...hopefully it's better looking now
  3. New: Added a common options / settings dialog for the main program
  4. New: Made more options for customizing how Monkey's Audio looks (can choose your own watermarks, etc.)
  5. New: Added a "View Mode Comparison" feature to the mode selection area
  6. New: Now displays "Total Time" for the last process (instead of just "Progress: 00.00%")
  7. New: Added a (hopefully) nice instruction screen for the tagging setup
  8. New: Can now optionally save the list of files between sessions
  9. New: Added a progress bar to the status bar for a convenient graphical display of the overall progress
  10. Changed: Made the Winamp plugin also support the old .MAC extension
  11. Changed: Changed the layout of the APE File Info dialog...tighter and hopefully better
  12. Changed: Changed the layout of the WAV File Info dialog
  13. Changed: Changed the nasty "mb" to "MB"...crazy millibytes... they'll get 'ya every time
  14. Changed: Changed "Done" to "OK" for the message after successful completion of a file
  15. Changed: Added a "Ctrl+A" shortcut to select all the files
  16. Fixed: Fixed a bug causing the length of large WAV files to not display properly in the file info dialog
Version 3.31
  1. Fixed: Fixed a bug with MAC 3.30's 'extra high' mode (sorry about that)
  2. Changed: Some decompression speedups
  3. Changed: Changed it so the temp files are created in the same directory as the output file instead of the input file (makes way more sense)
Version 3.30
  1. New: Monkey's Audio now supports 24-bit WAV files (still in beta, so possibly a little buggy)
  2. Changed: Main listview in Monkey's Audio is now multiselect...handy for removing files or playing a whole album or whatever
  3. Changed: Expanded right-click menu inside of Monkey's Audio (in the main listview dealie)
  4. Changed: Added "File Info" to the explorer shell extensions...can now right click on .ape or .wav files in explorer to quickly view file info and edit tags
  5. Changed: Changed the layout of the Winamp settings dialog....much tighter and better looking now (me thinks)
  6. Changed: Added escape key shortcuts to the Winamp and File Info dialogs to allow for quick exits
  7. New: File info dialog expanded to support .wav files
  8. New: New option to "leave existing tag fields alone" when tagging... makes it easy to just change certain parts of a tag, or add the track after EAC rips (since EAC isn't ID3 v1.1)
  9. Fixed: Fixed a minor bug in the output location setting inside of MAC
Version 3.20
  1. New: Monkey's Audio now checks the MAC dll versions when loading (should help prevent a lot of problems)
  2. New: added this document (thanks a bunch Kim Erik Hang for typing up all of the old info)
  3. New: Attempting to run a second instance of Monkey's Audio now activates and displays the currently running version (can use the shortcut to restore the window)
  4. New: Can view dll versions from the about box
  5. New: Monkey's Audio now saves the load/save file dialog path between sessions
  6. New: APE Player can now load and save .m3u playlists
  7. Changed: Some algorithm optimization....saves around 15 seconds an album when compressing
  8. Changed: expanded file info dialog
  9. Changed: can now fill genre tag field from file and directory info when tagging
  10. Changed: the documentation for Monkey's Audio was put in sub-directory below the main directory
  11. Fixed: fixed a bug that caused the peak level not to be reset between encoding songs
  12. Fixed: fixed a bug that caused problems with read-only APE files
Version 3.12
  1. Fixed: fixed a bug that caused UnMAC.dll to crash
  2. Fixed: fixed a volume setting bug in the APE Player
  3. New: added version tables to everything
Version 3.11
  1. Changed: much less embarrassing APE Player (with better source code too)
  2. Fixed: several bug fixes to the front-end and Winamp plugin (auto-renaming bugs, errors when files are missing from playlists, etc...)
Version 3.10
  1. New: fancy (actually crappy) dedicated and open-source APE player
  2. New: cool EAC patch to make it output the new .ape extension
  3. Changed: couple of other random tweaks and bug fixes
Version 3.02
  1. Fixed: several bug fixes
  2. New: selectable thread priority
  3. New: minimizable to the system tray
  4. Fixed: fixed auto-tagging / auto-renaming bug(s)
  5. New: added "Verify" mode to the console front-end
  6. Changed: some install tweaks
Version 3.01
  1. Fixed: bunch of bug fixes
  2. New: now uses intermediate temporary files during all processing options
  3. Changed: some front-end tweaks and improvements (right click menu…)
Version 3.00
  1. Changed: now uses the extension .APE instead of .MAC
  2. New: includes a handy file extension renamer to ease the pain of renaming to APE, also handy if rippers won’t output the .ape extension
  3. New: can now optionally normalize during playback
  4. Changed: greatly expanded and improved help file
  5. New: make MAC rename files as it tags 'em
  6. Changed: new and improved about box
  7. New: it can now "Stop immediately" during processing
  8. Changed: some other stuff that I can’t remember
Version 2.90
  1. Changed: now has finalized "Extra High" mode, about twice as fast as the beta, but with a slight compression degradation
  2. New: release of the Winamp plugin source code
  3. Changed: improved & fixed auto-tagging system (now can generate tags based on directory info)
  4. Changed: improved install routine, quite a few other little tweaks
  5. Fixed: bug fixes
Version 2.80
  1. New: new "Recompress" mode to easily convert files to different compression levels (and maintain tags)
  2. Changed: tagging converted from ID3 to ID3 v1.1 (now has track field)
  3. New: a completely new install method that should be smaller and more convenient
  4. Fixed: some bug fixes (including 8-bit Winamp problems)
Version 2.70
  1. Changed: greatly improved error detection (now uses CRC32’s)
  2. New: new "extra high" mode for when compression is crucial
  3. Changed: customizable Winamp file display mode
  4. Fixed: several bug fixes
Version 2.60
  1. New: 8-bit support
  2. New: optional auto-tagging
  3. New: some theory documentation
  4. Fixed: quite a few bug fixes
Version 2.50
  1. New: a convenient installer
  2. Fixed: a few tagging support bug-fixes
  3. Changed: some back-end code restructuring
Version 2.41
  1. Fixed: fixed possible divide by zero error in Winamp plugin
Version 2.40 beta
  1. New: tag info is now editable from Winamp and MAC
  2. New: added a verify mode to verify .mac files
  3. Changed: several front-end tweaks and improvements
  4. Changed: a great deal of back-end code was rewritten
Version 2.31
  1. Fixed: fixed a minor bug in the 'bit array size' setting in Winamp
Version 2.30
  1. New: settings dialog added to the Winamp plugin
  2. Fixed: a few minor bugs fixed
  3. Changed: several 'back-end' improvements
Version 2.22
  1. Fixed: several bug fixes
  2. Changed: improved console front end (unified regular and EAC front ends)
Version 2.21
  1. New: now Monkey’s Audio can interface directly with EAC so that you can pop in a CD, click a button, and end up with compressed and tagged MAC files
Version 2.20
  1. New: now features a console front-end
Version 2.10
  1. Changed: dramatic decompression speedups (25% - 35%)
  2. Fixed: several bug fixes
Version 2.00
  1. New: now has installable explorer shell extensions
  2. Changed: greatly improved Winamp tagging support
  3. Fixed: several bug fixes
Version 1.91
  1. Changed: now fully supports ID3 tags
Version 1.90
  1. New: redesigned interface (much sweeter)
  2. Fixed: several bug fixes
Version 1.83
  1. Changed: improved the SDK and changed function calling conventions
Version 1.82
  1. Fixed: fixed a few front-end bugs, NT compatibility problems gone
  2. New: added a cool icon
Version 1.81
  1. New: now includes an SDK for developers that want to add Monkey’s technology to their own programs
Version 1.80
  1. Changed: greatly increased the compression of "fast" mode
  2. Changed: sorry, broke backwards compatibility for fast mode files
  3. New: added some documentation
Version 1.72
  1. Fixed: fixed a bug in the add folder option
  2. New: added an about dialog and a few other things to the front end
Version 1.71
  1. Changed: front-end now fully supports drag-and-drop
  2. New: added the ability to add folders (with recursion)
  3. Changed: settings inside of MAC are now saved
Version 1.70
  1. New: added ability to select compression level
  2. Changed: a few speed increases and front-end tweaks
  3. Changed: compression with new "maximum" mode is close to the best available
  4. Changed: backwards compatibility broken (sorry)
Version 1.63
  1. Fixed: fixed Winamp plugin bug that caused a pause when starting a song
  2. New: included a special Pentium build of the Winamp plugin
Version 1.62
  1. Fixed: minor bug fix in handling of WAV headers
Version 1.61
  1. Changed: improved file format, slightly better compression and more error resistant
  2. Changed: sorry, backwards compatibility broken
Version 1.60
  1. Fixed: fixes several bugs
Version 1.53
  1. Fixed: hopefully fixed skipping problems during playback
Version 1.52
  1. Fixed: added a couple more fixes to the Winamp plugin
Version 1.51
  1. New: released MAC to the public for the first time
  2. Fixed: minor fix to Winamp playlist functioning
Version 1.5
  1. Changed: significant speed increases
  2. Changed: less memory usage
  3. Changed: more powerful front-end
Version 1.4
  1. Changed: compression and performance increases
  2. Changed: improved error checking and bitstream management
Version 1.3
  1. Changed: everything is about 15% faster
  2. New: added several front-end features
Version 1.2
  1. Changed: better front-end
  2. Changed: improved memory models
  3. Fixed: several bugfixes
Version 1.1
  1. New: it now supports almost all WAV files (mono, low sample rates, etc.)
  2. New: also added support for "advanced" WAV files with regions, markers, playlists, etc. embedded in them.
Version 1.0
  1. New: first public release version